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Erwin Hatchery
Erwin Trout Hatchery is located within the city limits of Erwin in Unicoi County, Tennessee.  The facility was originally constructed in 1950 for baitfish and trout production.  Earthen raceways were added in the 1960’s, which were replaced with concrete raceways in 1978.  Erwin Hatchery is actually a trout rearing facility.  Trout hatched at Buffalo Springs Hatchery are transported to Erwin as fingerlings, where they are then reared to stocking size.  It is situated on an 11-acre urban site of which approximately 7 acres have been developed.  The facility’s water supply consists of multiple artesian springs (~30 small springs and Love Spring).  It has 14 outdoor concrete raceways, a hatchery building, and a manager’s residence.

    The mailing address for the facility is:

   Erwin State Fish Hatchery
   Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
   475 Banner Springs Road
   Erwin, TN 37650
   Telephone: (423) 743-4842

             Three full-time employees operate the facility:

Corey Jones, Hatchery Manager
Ricky Hollifield, Tech. II
Caleb Marshall, Tech. I

Average annual production during 1999-2003 was 43,750 pounds of trout at an average expenditure of $181,968 per year ($4.16 per pound).  In 2004, 130,101 trout weighing 55,353 pounds were reared and stocked from Erwin State Fish Hatchery.  Seventy percent of these (91,138) were rainbow trout and 38,963 (30%) were brown trout.  Erwin typically supplies trout for Wilbur Reservoir, Fort Patrick Henry tailwater, and about 21 upper east Tennessee streams.

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